At Sisu Therapies, we believe it takes a team approach to progress towards an individual’s optimal health. We offer sessions that will jump-start fitness, maintain current levels of well-being, or as part of the rehabilitative process following therapy interventions. Our Wellness Programs consist of Studio Elevate and Personal Training sessions. 

Studio Elevate Classes

Mighty Body - TR 8:30-9:20am 

Instructor:  Audra Shultz 

A strong body is a healthy body. This strength focused class will incorporate a variety of muscle endurance exercises to improve muscle tone and overall fitness. Expect new, unique challenges for the entire body at each class. All fitness levels welcome. 50 min


Balanced Body - TR 9:30-10:20am 

Instructor: Audra Shultz

Balance and flexibility are key components in injury prevention and overall wellness. All fitness levels are encouraged to join this low-intensity class. Each class will combine a variety of modalities, aiming to strengthen stabilizer muscle groups, promote flexibility and deepen the mind/body connection. 50 min


Aerobic Circuit - Mon 5:00pm – 5:50pm

Instructor: Christa Gibson

This class is designed to be a full body workout through a series of stations set up in a circuit with a variety of modes of strengthening. Stations may include TRX, free weights, physioball, BOSU, and more as you challenge yourself through a variety of movements. The intensity level will be set at an aerobic level which means a steady heart rate for most of the duration of exercises. 50 min


Proud Posture – Wed 5:00 pm – 5:50pm

Instructor: Christa Gibson

We use “Proud Posture” here at Sisu Therapies to promote body positioning that will optimize movement efficiency and endurance-which in return, contributes to an overall feeling of being proud of our bodies and how we carry ourselves. The Proud Posture class focuses on increasing awareness of the core muscles while providing a variety of extremity movements. You can expect to strengthen your upper back, low back, and neck through body weight supported mat exercises and light weights. 50 min

Wellness Class Pricing  
Single Class: $12  
4 Classes:     $40  
8 Classes:     $61  

Book your class online or call 970.561.7111 to schedule.


Personal Training

Our trainers are certified specialists who will work with you to design an individualized program that will help you meet your goals. Our trainers work with clients who are:

  • Post-rehabilitation to progress strength and function
  • Looking to manage weight
  • Needing assistance with exercise execution
  • Wanting to strengthen their muscles
Hourly Sessions 30-Minute Sessions
1 session: $50 1 session: $30
5 sessions: $225 10 sessions: $250
10 sessions: $400 20 sessions: $400

Meet our Fitness Instructors


Please call our clinic at 970.561.7111 to book Personal Training sessions.