Runner’s Gait Analysis

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Runner’s Gait Analysis

SISU Therapies provides GaitON® running analysis for the lower and upper body motion of the runner and identifies any biomechanical faults.

Lateral View

  • Ankle Planter/Dorsi Flexion
  • Knee Flexion/Extension
  • Hip Flexion/Extension
  • Tibial Inclination Angle

Posterior View

  • Pelvic Drop
  • Trunk Sway
  • Foot Eversion/Inversion

Anterior View

  • Knee Abduction/Adduction

Biomechanical Faults

  • Overstriding
  • Crossover Gait
  • Excessive Vertical Oscillation of COM (Bounding)


Biomechanical assessments are used in combination with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues.
During the initial evaluation and follow up sessions, patients receive:

History & Running Program Review

  • Orthopedic examination (i.e., flexibility, strength, balance, skeletal alignment, foot structure)
  • Video analysis (below) of running mechanics
  • Treatment plan development, as appropriate

All tests and findings will be reviewed with you following the examination and video analysis. A treatment program will be implemented, with follow-up options discussed. Your treatment program could consist of therapeutic exercises, manual interventions and guidelines for a progressive return to your prior running level. Modification to your running form also might be recommended to correct adverse running mechanics.

Injury-related evaluations and services are billed to your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to verify your coverage.

Running Performance Evaluations

For patients interested in improving performance, running mechanics also can be evaluated. Our staff uses video analysis and follow-up discussion to improve your efficiency, reduce energy cost and prevent injuries. In addition, a brief physical exam also can be performed.

  • This is a 60-minute appointment that includes a 30-minute running video analysis, a brief musculoskeletal screen and professional recommendations related to footwear, running mechanics or exercise.
  • If you are being seen for a performance assessment unrelated to injury, the following cost is payable at the time of service
    • The cost is $150, due at the time of the appointment. Credit cards are accepted.


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