Summer is just around the corner

Tuesday July 20, 2021

Summer is just around the corner

June is here and summer is just around the corner. Our senses are heightened towards the smell of the grass at the ball fields, the dirt from the trails layered on our skin after a mountain bike ride or hike and getting outside to get a healthy dose of that natural Vitamin D glow.  Over the last 4 to 6 weeks exercise and movement has likely looked significantly different than what we all might consider our “norm.”  The gyms and parks were closed, sports leagues canceled, and many of us have been working from home even further reducing the amount we are moving.  And here we are in a worldwide pandemic, where practicing active lifestyles proves even more important to boost and maintain our immune systems at their optimal performance. Keeping a focus on health and fitness and doing so with your family can bring a lot of enjoyment but also can be critical in these times.  States across the country are lifting more strict stay-at-home orders centered around COVID-19 and people are spending more time outside again.  

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

John F. Kennedy

Why this matters to Sisu Therapies

Fitness and exercise are as close to a miracle pill as anything.  It works to improve skin health, cardiovascular, mental, and our immune system health, all working to reduce the effects of the top 10 chronic health conditions in the United States.  Sisu Therapies fully believes in the power of exercise and movement—and it is our vision to play an integral role in these areas for the northern Colorado community.  

Sisu Therapies is the title sponsor for the upcoming Windsor half marathon and Heavy 10K scheduled for October 11th.  This is a race that returns the half marathon event to the Windsor community, coordinating the efforts of run.windsor and the Windsor Parks and Rec Program. Not everyone is a runner, but it requires little fitness equipment and can be done anywhere making it a great fitness activity during this social distancing time.  A recent New York Times article supports the concept that people who stayed physically active while sheltering were less depressed and more mentally resilient than those whose activity levels declined.  For those individuals that have not been moving as much during these last few weeks, find that fitness goal and go for it! Maybe you’ll train for a running race, maybe it’s biking around the neighborhood with your kids, or maybe you make a promise to your ever-so-thankful-that-you’re-home-more pet that you’ll take them out for longer walks—whatever is, you got this! 

It is time to get outside and get back to fitness after a break

2015 study published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicinefor example, found that taking a break from physical activity for just two weeks can result in a rather substantial reduction of muscle strength and mass — and it can take even longer to gain it back. This statement from a Stronger by Science article states it well. “Having to take time off from training is frustrating. What’s more frustrating is struggling to progress upon your return because you are trying to do too much too soon.” Here is an article from Runners World on how to make a comeback to running.  For those non-runners here is an article from Stronger by Science that outlines a safe return to a strength program.  

Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of basic good nutrition habits

Most of us learned somewhere in elementary school (or along the way) that we need to get somewhere around 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Occasionally, time restraints or not having the quick access to what we need to accomplish this seems to get in the way. We’re all human and sometimes we just need to hit the “easy” button. Stop and think of this though--have fruit and veggies washed, ready, canned, or frozen in the home and this goal will be much easier to reach. Take a look at the following tips and challenge yourself to follow through on one of these tips this week. Already doing one or two of the tips? Good for you! Keep it up and add another. We can do this!

Nutrition Tips

  • Establish a grocery list and stick to it. A smart way to keep from eating junk is to simply not bring it into the home. It doesn’t hurt to indulge every once in a while, so save desserts or candy for special occasions or celebrations. Don’t make junk food a reward, as this could form an unhealthy habit later in life.
  • Start every day with a healthy breakfast. Fruit, whole grains, oatmeal, and eggs all make excellent choices for the first meal of the day. Avoid sugary cereals or skipping this important meal altogether.
  • Meal plan as a family. Get the kids involved in dinner time – from seeing how to create a balanced meal, to learning how to home-make their favorite foods, they will feel much more invested and inclined to eat the dinner they helped prepare.
  • Tempt picky eaters into enjoying healthier lunch choices. From their own taco bar to play sushi, there are many recipes available that make even the most ordinary lunches seem exciting.
  • Choose better snack options. Even small changes like flavored water instead of soda or fruits for dessert can make a big difference in diet.

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Happy June Everyone!

Sisu Therapies Staff