About Sisu Therapies

Sisu Therapies was founded by married couple Laura Simenson, DPT and Joe Schroeder, DPT in January 2020. The couple had a long-standing goal of starting a therapy and wellness practice together that offers a dynamic and holistic pathway leading to healthier lifestyles.
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About Sisu Therapies

What does Sisu (see’ -soo) mean?

"To have extraordinary endurance in the face of adversity • persistence, determination, guts • full of courage, tenacity, resolve, willpower, and an indomitable spirit"



Joe and Laura bring over 30 years of experience to Sisu Therapies in Windsor. Both were born and raised in the midwest and attended their Doctorate of Physical Therapy program together. A year after graduating, the couple was looking for more adventure and took on the travel life, exploring the United States for a couple years while working in a variety of physical therapy settings. Joe and Laura couldn’t shake the feeling that they wanted to move to Colorado eventually. Finally, after a brief stay in AZ and TX, that opportunity came. The couple moved to Windsor, Colorado in 2013, and worked in outpatient, inpatient, and/or home health settings as staff or management positions. Joe and Laura love the lifestyle of recreation and sport; the beauty and the unbeatable temperate climate that Colorado has to offer. They believe that opportunities happen for a reason, and yet another one came along. This time, the couple felt the chance to pursue their goal of opening a practice together, and hence, Sisu Therapies was created. 


To provide a positive and energizing center where clients can receive exceptional integrated physical therapy and wellness services from evidence-based practicing clinicians and staff. Recognizing every individual is unique, we strive to help our clients reach their goals and improve their overall well-being.


Sisu Therapies' vision is to become a leading community resource who helps our clients optimize movement and function through innovation, collaboration, quality care, and consumer-centricity. At Sisu Therapies in Windsor, we will strive to inspire client engagement in physical activity in order to optimize a person’s abilities, contribution to society, and elevate their enjoyment in activities.